First, does my boss even know my name?

hand of person wearing lacy top holding wine glass with glitter
Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Do I need to wear a bra? Or pants?

My personal hygiene

has taken a hit. See, I just don’t care.

I do not care.

I don’t care how much time it takes

To take breaks.

That whole “ten-minute break” thing?

Is gone. Just gone. Because let me tell you

When the refrigerator kicks on and I can

Hear nothing but traffic it sure does

Make me want to buy that app that

Presses a key every 8 minutes to simulate

My online presence.

Speaking of which, was it you, on Twitter,

Who set up that fake account

That posted nothing but sea lions with balls on their snouts

Each hour on the hour? Because that rocks,

My friend

That rocks.



Set in Sunny Southern California

brown and orange bird opens its beak on a brown branch
Photo by Ryk Naves on Unsplash

I am home with you

Home, with you while

Traffic will not relent its surf

Its surface sea constancy

Like my heart. So like, and so very

Very relentless, the purr and thrash of

Tires on concrete, the urban ocean

Won’t stop. I’ll never stop loving

You at home, you downstairs as you sing

My lover sings as she wipes dishes

She sings as the cars hum

She sings a song to the cat, to the day

To my love, to the nonstop rubber

Concrete water outside.



Jackie Olsen

Jackie Olsen

Postsexual bipolar left-leaning feminist lesbian. Poems and articles about LGBT identity, disability rights, and mental health.